Quality is a funny thing. Often, the definition of quality is as wide and varied as the companies that strive to achieve it. So what, you may ask, is QTR�s definition of quality? That�s simple. Our definition is whatever our customers want it to be. Because of our relatively small size, QTR is able to quickly and efficiently adjust our processes to meet your needs. And despite our flexibility, material consistency is maintained throughout each lot, guaranteed. So who�s definition of quality are you using?

Click here for a copy of our ISO 9001:2008 Registration Certificate.

QTR Quality Certifications
QTR QA Lab molding machine QA Testing
Our facility is ISO-9001 registered.

Our materials lab can perform the following ASTM QA Testing:
  Tensile Properties
Filler Content
Flexural Properties


Gardner Impact
Izod Impact
Melt Flow Rate
Moisture Content

Specific Gravity
** QUV
** Shore Hardness
** Color Analysis
** UL Listings

Various pigments Color Matching
Our color lab has over sixty years combined color experience. Our lab services include computer-aided color matching and Quality Control testing on all three shifts. And since we use only industry-standard Macbeth� color analysis equipment, you can be confident that the color you specify will be the color you get. If you�re not completely satisfied with the results, you can take advantage of our 100% unconditional return guarantee.

UL Listings
QTR has a full line of UL Listed PC and PC/ABS resins, including a 5VA rated material. Each lot is tested to ensure compliance.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization. UL has tested products for public safety for over a century. Each year more than 16 billion UL Marks are applied to products worldwide. UL is not affiliated with QTR, Inc. and does not endorse this website.

A QTR lab assistant performs a flame test

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